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What to expect at Miss Brenda's...

Each Day we have a big breakfast

to fill us up...

so we can

Activities are an important part of our day.I strive to provide a flexible and fun environment where children can learn about the world around them and play.

We do a variety of themed arts and crafts,baking,music and dance,story time,show n tell

and lots of outdoor play.(Weather permitting)

We love parties and celebrations.The children love to role play and are encouraged to use they're imaginations

Miss Brenda makes amazing homemade lunches

and offers a mid-morning snack and an afternoon snack to keep us going thru the day.

Miss Brenda's daycare offers a warm friendly safe environment through out her entire home.

Each day Parents will be informed of childs daily activities,behavior and what

we ate during the day.. 

Miss Brenda strongly believes that a daily routine

and parent communication make a child feel more comfortable in a home daycare enviroment.

Miss Brenda strives to be open to new ideas and always welcomes comments or suggestions. Children are evolving and changing daily.

So lets get started. Ready Set play..

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